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Meet Our Creative Team Members

A young and enthusiastic team of ‘digital explorers’, that’s what we like to call ourselves. The world of digital marketing is constantly undergoing a churn as new strategies are being tried and perfected. It is this journey into the unknown that we have set sail on with passion, enthusiasm and sound knowledge in all facets of digital marketing. As a team we look forward to meeting new challenges head on, unearthing new strategies and delivering results to our clients and helping their brands grow.

Tushar Sisodiya – CEO

Tushar Sisodiya brings years of experience in the digital marketing industry. From starting his career as an SEO Executive he has worked up the ladder managing large accounts for clients across multiple geographies. Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug early in his career he has decided to quit the 9 to 5 life of an employee and venture into the exciting world of entrepreneurship. He is the go-to man in the organization for the team members and someone who likes to scale new heights and push his team towards higher goals.

Rahul Sharma, M. D.

The chief strategist at Techno Wolfs, Rahul Sharma has his fair share of experience in this trade. Starting at the bottom of the pyramid when this industry was at its infancy he has stood witness to the evolution and growth of digital marketing as a force multiplier in brand building. His vast experience act like a guiding light for the team members who look up to the inspirational leadership he brings to the table. He is always on the lookout for the latest trend and has an eye for detail in choosing the right team members.