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There is no success without mission and is one enterprise that swears by this motto. It is an established fact in the web world that believes in success of its clients and works wholeheartedly towards achieving the best for them.

“One stop shop”, that is the vision of the founders of Our enterprise believes in making things easier for its clients by ensuring that from web designing, web development to ensuring a higher search engine ranking through gaining facebook fans; everything is achieved here

We also believe in providing the most compatible experts to carry out your job and that is why we hire only the experts for your deed. Our team of experts are the most competitive in the market and therefore they comprehend your needs the most. This actually helps in fulfilling our motto of service before self.


Our enterprise is dedicated towards ensuring maximum gain for you and that is why we ensure that we charge you the least as compared to the others. We also provide additional services for a nominal fare for ease of your working.

Customization is another important aspect in our working and therefore we work hard towards ensuring that each of our clients holds distinguished appeal in the web world. Our creative team comprises the best in the industry and each member is dedicated towards creating the best designs for you, be it your website or your logo. You just need to explain your requirements and after that you can be assured that what we design for you will be customized as per your taste.

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Meet Our Creative Team Members

A young and enthusiastic team of ‘digital explorers’, that’s what we like to call ourselves. The world of digital marketing is constantly undergoing a churn as new strategies are being tried and perfected. It is this journey into the unknown that we have set sail on with passion, enthusiasm and sound knowledge in all facets of digital marketing. As a team we look forward to meeting new challenges head on, unearthing new strategies and delivering results to our clients and helping their brands grow.

Tushar Sisodiya – CEO

Tushar Sisodiya brings years of experience in the digital marketing industry. From starting his career as an SEO Executive he has worked up the ladder managing large accounts for clients across multiple geographies. Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug early in his career he has decided to quit the 9 to 5 life of an employee and venture into the exciting world of entrepreneurship. He is the go-to man in the organization for the team members and someone who likes to scale new heights and push his team towards higher goals.

Rahul Sharma, M. D.

The chief strategist at Techno Wolfs, Rahul Sharma has his fair share of experience in this trade. Starting at the bottom of the pyramid when this industry was at its infancy he has stood witness to the evolution and growth of digital marketing as a force multiplier in brand building. His vast experience act like a guiding light for the team members who look up to the inspirational leadership he brings to the table. He is always on the lookout for the latest trend and has an eye for detail in choosing the right team members.

Shivani Sharma –
Project Manager

Shivani Sharma is the Sr. Project Manager here at Techno Wolfs, bringing with her years of industry experience in the exclusive domain of ITES, especially in niche areas like SEO, SMM, SMO and digital marketing services, to name a few. Her genre spans from advanced Information Technology (IT) to the web, apart from displaying exceptional managerial skills, when it comes to managing teams and clusters of any size, thereby fulfilling all her responsibilities towards this company. Shivani is at the helm of operations management, with her background spanning, right from computer engineering to personnel, HR and business management. A ‘no-nonsense’ personality, which clearly stems from her overt professionalism in career.

Manmeet Kaur -
Backend Developer & SEO

Manmeet is one of the finest talents Techno Wolfs has in its ‘dynamic’ payroll, excelling in fields like backend web development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO), with robust knowledge and expertise in server-side software, database security solutions, application programming interfaces (APIs), servers and architectures. Apart from website development, she’s an SEO geek to be fair, with hands-on expertise in all areas of internet marketing and social media optimization. With Manmeet, you can well expect your project (site/niche) to rank on the first page of SERPs, and achieve a Top 10 Google Ranking within a few months. She has mastered the art of White Hat SEO, by implementing the best web optimization tactics, and by following the Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Techno Wolfs is an enterprise of great vision and is your only destination for your website needs.